Worship! It’s Essential!

Time to worship and pray. Let’s turn up the radios in our cars, the Alexa’s in our home and worship the Lord today. I grew up in a home with a lot of singing. My mom and dad listened to the radio in the car and sang along unapologetically. They sang for church events so they were singing “How Great Thou Art” all the time as they would get ready to sing in church. It was all around me. In Ps. 34, David has been saved by God again. He prayed and God answered. Men were chasing him down, but God heard and when he answered David rejoiced and worshiped God. David asks us to open our mouths and taste God, search for him in his word and sing praises to him for what he is going to do in your life. Listen to this line from David: “Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all his goodness.” Don’t you want open doors today, don’t you want all of his goodness today? I know that I do. The 34th Ps is a great Ps to be reading today. David tells us that troubles won’t quit coming, but those who worship the Lord will be satisfied and find joy in their lives. Let’s sing it out today and find the joy of the Lord.

Published by advicefromyourunclerobin

Robin is a Pastor, has been for 40 years. He is married to Jayme and together they have 7 children. Candace, Courtney, Cassidy, Caleb, Kally, Collin & Jacob. Robin & Jayme have great and awesome grandchildren. He loves his Webb City Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals. He also tries to go golfing and fly fishing whenever he can - but not nearly enough.

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