Self Talk

Scientist, psychologist, and counseling have been saying for the last 20 years that we need to be careful about our self-talk. (Thoughts and talk directed at ourselves, usually in the negative sense.) On the average we experience sixty thousand thoughts a day. According to a study done by the Cleveland Clinic, 80% of those thoughts are negative. If we were to take all of these thoughts of yours and were able to put them down on paper, what would your thoughts be? Jesus has come to save us, and one of the greatest areas that we need to let him have is our thoughts. We need to sanctify our thoughts. I know that I do, it’s one of my great struggles, what I say to myself throughout the day. We need to focus on that small still voice of the Holy Spirit, we have to let it be the loudest voice that we listen to. We need to establish a time in our day where we are alone with God. A time that we can let him speak to us and the greatest way He speaks to us is through the Word of God. Get quiet before God, read His Word, and let it sink into your heart and mind by meditating upon that word. God is telling your story, but we need to stop the negative talk to ourselves about it. God is wanting to guide you through a great adventure, but we have to be quiet and let him lead us. Today, don’t just read this, get into the word, and focus on it. If you won’t have a reading plan, look down through my page here and you’ll find one that I put out every Sunday morning. Join many others of us and let’s rewrite our stories by listening to God and telling ourselves the truth about ourselves.

Published by advicefromyourunclerobin

Robin is a Pastor, has been for 40 years. He is married to Jayme and together they have 7 children. Candace, Courtney, Cassidy, Caleb, Kally, Collin & Jacob. Robin & Jayme have great and awesome grandchildren. He loves his Webb City Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals. He also tries to go golfing and fly fishing whenever he can - but not nearly enough.

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