Distractions can cause us so much trouble. We get caught up in chasing after the things of this world that only lead us to trouble and heartache. In Luke 14:15-24, Jesus tells of 3 excuses that people used to not come to the great banquet that they had already been invited too. These are ridiculous, possibly even laughable to the people that heard them, because the listeners knew that no one would use these kinds of excuses to opt out of such a great opportunity. But what they are, are actually a summary of the distractions of life that we face. Talk about distractions: the COWBIRD is unique in North America. While some birds will occasionally lay their eggs in other birds’ nests, the cowbird does so exclusively. In Illinois they were having a huge problem with them. Why? Because the little brown cowbird with its mink-colored head is a common sight, but you can’t find one cowbird nest in the entire state the experts say. And that becoming a problem. The cowbirds are “prodigious egg-layers.” Each female commonly deposits 20-40 eggs in dozens of other nests each spring. Cowbirds eggs usually hatch more quickly than the other bird’s eggs, and the chicks grow more quickly. Because birds tend to feed the largest and loudest of their young first-because they usually would be the healthiest and have the best chance of survival-the hose bird spends inordinate time and energy tending to the cowbird. As a result, the cowbird is pushing some of the other songbirds to extinction. Like the cowbird, distractions come into our lives and have a way of intruding into our relationship and passion for the kingdom of God. These distractions can and do push out godly activities and priorities. Distractions are coming today! But with prayer and focus we can keep our eyes upon the kingdom like that Jesus has designed for us. A life that will bring power into our lives to face this life with victory. Let’s pray and make no excuses today.

Published by advicefromyourunclerobin

Robin is a Pastor, has been for 40 years. He is married to Jayme and together they have 7 children. Candace, Courtney, Cassidy, Caleb, Kally, Collin & Jacob. Robin & Jayme have great and awesome grandchildren. He loves his Webb City Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals. He also tries to go golfing and fly fishing whenever he can - but not nearly enough.

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